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Category: Project Open 3.5.x

POConfItemBuddy and Expanding Conf Item Functionality

I really like the breadth of features that Project Open’s Conf Item subsystem gives me. It’s not just an inventory listing. It gives me tools to manage configuration items. For example, here are some of the things I really like about Project Open (]po[): Track hardware or software. Track data specific for a given conf item type, so that I can track IP addresses for server but not even prompt […]

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Delegating ITSM Release Item Management

Project Open includes some really powerful and easy to use ITSM Release Management tools. Well, powerful and kinda easy to use. Once you know the secret. Now, this might be stunningly obvious to many of you, and if it is, please do feel free to ignore this article. But if you have ever wondered why your non-PO Admin users can’t see the list of Release Items on your project […]

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Recent Activity Query

From time to time, I want to see a snapshot of Project Open activity. Specifically, I wanted to see ticket creation and forum posting activity. So, I created a report with this query: SELECT ‘Forum’ AS thetype, a.posting_date AS datecreated, a.subject, a.message, b.first_names, b.last_name FROM im_forum_topics a, persons b WHERE b.person_id = a.owner_id AND DATE_PART(‘day’, NOW() – a.posting_date) < 30 UNION ALL SELECT ‘Ticket’ AS thetype, a.ticket_creation_date AS datecreated, c.project_name […]

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Using Reports to Extend Project Open’s UI

I like Project Open’s User Interface (UI). The tabbed metaphor keeps the functions organized. I can find what I’m looking for quickly. Well, most of the time. Every once and a while, there’s a particular screen or function that I’d really like, but that Project Open doesn’t have. For example, I’d like a screen that shows all open items regardless of their stage in the workflow engine. I can barely […]

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Project Open, Linux, and SSL — Easy as Pie!

Installing SSL for Project Open on Linux is easy as pie! If you like cement pie. Actually, like many things open source, once you find the secret keys, it’s not hard at all. It’s finding those keys that inhales your time. I’m happy to share what I’ve found in the hopes that a) it’ll save you time and b) karma is real. For this to work, you’ll need to have […]

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