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Project Open Custom E-Mail Notifications – Part 6

I designed PONotificationsBuddy to install with a minimal impact on the Project Open server. Because of that, you won’t need to adjust Project Open’s configuration files, AOL Server’s configuration files, or PostgreSQL’s configurations files to make PONotificationsBuddy work. However, you will need to install Java. I recommend installing the latest version from Oracle (it still seems weird to say Oracle — I’m so used to saying Sun!). The Standard Edition JDK will […]

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Project Open Custom E-Mail Notifications – Part 5

In Parts 1-4, I presented the concepts that I could exploit to build a Project Open e-mail notification system. In Part 5, I’ll present the actual application, which I’ve affectionately called PONotificationsBuddy. You can download version 1.0.0 here. Or you can visit the SourceForge project page here. I used Netbeans 7.0 to build the application, and I left the nbproject folder intact. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, you shouldn’t worry. […]

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Project Open Custom E-Mail Notifications – Part 4

Now that we have the queries to extract the workflow items and the table to track what e-mails we’ve already sent, it’s time to think about the application to actually generate the e-mails. The application should have the following characteristics: Portability: The application should run wherever Project Open runs. That means at a minimum it needs to run on Linux and Windows. Ease of maintenance: The application should be easy […]

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Project Open Custom E-Mail Notifications – Part 3

In parts 1 and 2, I presented the queries to pull individual workflow steps and closed items out of Project Open. The results of those queries represented the raw data we’d need to send e-mails. Trouble is, every time we’d run the queries, we’d run the risk of sending and resending and resending e-mails. That could become problematic. Folks could unfairly blame Project Open for inundating their inboxes! Obviously, we […]

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Project Open Custom E-Mail Notifications – Part 2

In the first part of this series, I talked about building a query that will show all of the workflow tasks that are in-process. That is to say, I demonstrated a query that shows every step that represents a non-closed step in a workflow. That query, with a few modifications, will let us send an e-mail to anyone who has a workflow step assigned to them. The second query we’ll need […]

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