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Where Does a Developer Even Start?

One Day, It Dawns on You… Let’s say you’ve developed code for awhile. If a Project Manager, business partner, boss, or someone else with requirements comes to you, you can convert their business-speak into technical requirements. You can turn those requirements into an application that gets the job done. Customers love the results of your labor! As the accolades roll in, you’re probably feeling pretty confident. Then you read an article […]

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Talking with Security Doubters

Surrounded by Doubt… In my last post, I talked about a scenario designers and developers know all too well: well-meaning management, project managers, architects, and business staff who don’t believe security is important — or don’t believe it’s important enough to warrant your time. Many of these doubters have direct input into the amount of effort you can spend on a project. If you’re a developer who knows what can happen when you […]

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Security: Not Just for Banks Anymore!

Let’s say you’re a responsible corporate citizen. You want to retain customers and attract new customers. Maybe you architect applications, maybe you design them, or maybe you code them. If you’ve every brought some aspect of application security — say, you point out it’s a really good idea to disallow cross site scripting (XSS) — I bet you’ve run into opposition like: We’re not a bank! We don’t need all […]

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Security Reference Architecture: The Wheel Does Not Need Reinventing!

No matter the size of the companies I’ve worked for, I’ve noticed a common theme: folks often suffer from the “Not Invented Here Syndrome” (NIHS). It applies to everything from applications to processes to standards and architectures. Obviously, NIHS doesn’t strike all management and staff, but if often affects enough people to make adoption of something like an industry standard architecture more difficult. I’ve recently had an opportunity to work with […]

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Project Open Advanced Workflow Part 6: Adjusting Dynfields

Introduction Project Open ships with a powerful workflow editor that lets you control how a ticket is processed. The workflow editor operates in one of two modes: Simple Process and Advanced Process. This tutorial will cover the Advanced Process. I’ll break down the Advanced Process tutorial into these parts: Tasks and Places Roles and Responsibilities Arcs and Guards Automatic Processes Adding to Helpdesk Ticket Types Adjusting Dynfields This section will […]

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